Auspices of The Phantom Queen

Rodbum, Ohio - The Burning Ghost
The Story So Far... (cue 80's hard rock song)

All three new hunters ended up in the tiny town of Rodbum, Ohio (nothing to see here, folks, move along) for their own disparate reasons. 

AJ had stopped on his way towards Maine, following a very weak lead on his Great Uncle's journeys

For Lindsey, it was just across the border from Pennsylvania, where she had last been and her parent's people were all over that state — she totally wasn't hiding out in a nice suite in an expensive hotel pampering herself before heading to visit the house from A Christmas Story… 

And Walter was searching for other hunters, to learn from and to do some networking.  But he had a bad tip that there'd be a couple near Rodbum, or a tip that a bad couple would be at Rodbum.

Each following their own instincts and leads, the hunters all wound up at an abandoned house where some missing kids had been last seen.   Searching together, they came upon a spirit on fire.  Using their combined wits and knowledge, they managed to defeat the ghost.

On the following day the group, after having rested and caught each other up on what they knew, returned to the abandoned house.  They searched for, and found the remains of, the missing kids.

Men searching for Lindsey had tracked her down, thanks to her infamy and a hotel clerk with a smartphone.  Again, in their own unique style, the crew evaded the hired thugs, dealt with a motorcycle crashing into a cop car, and even managed to vandalize and burgle a roadside attraction.

How They Met - AJ and Walter
The Story So Far... (cue 80's hard rock song)

The two got into a bar fight and, despite trading blows, they helped each other evade the cops who came to stop the disturbance.  As a result they witnessed the owner of the bar feeding on one of the patrons in the commotion.

They agreed to work together to kill the owner of the bar, whom ended up being a ghoul that had fed off the actual owner and taken his identity.  AJ saved Walter's life by bashing in the ghoul's head in with an aluminum baseball bet

How They Met - Walter and Lindsey
The Story So Far... (cue 80's hard rock song)

Walter and Lindsey

A biker gang Walter knew were being picked off by a rival gang of vamp bikers =/= A showdown happened near where Lindsey had been hiding out, and she saw it with her clairvoyance

Between the two they managed to survive an attack from the vamp gang on the remaining bikers Walter tried to protect – though none of the bikers did

Lindsey here learned two things

  1. she's good with a bow 
  2. arrows didn't seem to hurt the vamps until she had to reuse ones she accidentally shot into some dead bikers

Walter became badly injured protecting Lindsey

Feeling guilty for Walter getting hurt, Lindsey left Walter in a hospital emergency room and moved on